The Gravity of Being

Beau Burrows

SkiLodge Boy

Beau Burrows

The Root Remain Trailer

Jean Sebastien Francoeur

EF Commercial

Jeremy Rubier

Skrillex at the WMC

Jeremy Rubier

Drama-Black tiger sex machine-music video

Jean sebastien francoeur-Jeremy rubier


Jeremy Rubier

Saint Laurent

Jeremy Rubier Jean Sebastien Francoeu

Everything to Me

Cedric Sequerra

Russia EF Brand Video


Mama Shulter and Nelson

Jeremy Rubier

Nelson Against The War

Jeremy Rubier

Tokyo Calling

Jeremy Rubier


Nathan Wong

SIX Official

Stefano Ferrari

Busy kid music video

Jeremy Rubier Benjamin Antonio Beau Burrow

The Interview trailer

Robin-Benjamin-Jeremy-the neon black chanel

Elle Magazine X Tommy Ton

Robin Mahieux

Whinny Home Commercial

Robin Mahieux


Robin Mahieux


Robin and Benjamin

The Beijing Music Festival

Robin -Jeremy-Neon Channel

Third Culture Kids


3CK is not just another production company – it is an association of cinematographers based all around the world. We have come together to form the most eclectic and diverse video production collective.



Jeremy Rubier is the founder of 3CK. Having experience as a director, an editor, a DP, and a composer, Jeremy’s skills are in high demand from New York to Tokyo. After traveling the world and collaborating with incredibly talented artists, he decided to create an international collective with the idea that together, we will be able to shoot anything, anywhere in the world. Jeremy is a big fan of Asia and lives to travel.


Robin Mahieux, co-founder of 3CK is a director, editor, director of photography , editor, and screenwriter with 10 years of experience in theater. He expresses his imagination through music videos, commercials and collective works with artists worldwide. He has worked in Shanghai and New York for fashion brands such as: Chanel, Michael Kors, and Prada. Though talented as an individual, he has always believed that great things cannot be achieved alone. This is why there is 3CK- to achieve dreams.


Beau Burrows approaches storytelling with both precision and playfulness. He has experience in the visual-effects industry as an animator in the post-production trenches, and as a director at the helm. Beau’s first animated short, “The Gravity of Being”, received international recognition in the festival circuit. His latest directed work, a visual-effect-heavy music video for the artist Ski Lodge, has gained critical acclaim for its unique use of visual artistry. Beau was also the lead 3D artist on IBM’s “A Boy and His Atom”, which was awarded a Gold Lion for Best Fictional Program at Cannes Lions 2013. Outside of animation and directing, Beau is constantly developing new techniques for creating computer-generated and in-camera visual effects that transport viewers outside of the expected and comfortable.


Jean-Sébastien Francoeur is a Director of Photography born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. At a young age, he developed a passion for film and photography. Jean-Sébastien graduated from Concordia University in 2012, having majored in film production. At Concordia, he received the award for Best Cinematography for 2 consecutive years. Since graduating, he has worked as director of photography on several projects including music videos, short films and feature documentaries. His biggest project to date is "The Roots Remain": a documentary film shot in Cambodia, which is currently in its final stages of post-production.


Stefano Ferrari is a Director of Photography who is both passionate and acutely skilled.

Stefano has shot music videos, commercials, documentaries, television productions, and feature-length and short films. He has collaborated with prominent names in the show business, including Oscar-winning producers Yael Melamede and Mara Kassin. Stefano’s motto is: “The magic of film can’t be put into words”.


Cedric Sequerra is a Director, Producer and CEO at Sequerra Studios, a multimedia company he founded. Cedric has collaborated with many artists, among them Adventure Club, Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Lights, Deadmau5, Klaypex, Major Lazer, and Epic Meal Time. He has also worked in the fashion industry, having shot top models such as Coco Rocha & Heather Marks. Cedric graduated with a Bachelors of Finance and spent many years working with one of the largest marketing firms in his home city of Montreal. As an artist, Cedric has achieved viral recognition with a combined view count of over 13 million. With 10 years of experience, Cedric brings a zen approach to the studio and on location in order to help manifest your dreams.


is a cinematographer based in Hong Kong, who has an influence of east meets west culture within his style. Besides being a trained Steadicam operator, he also works frequently in Hong Kong feature film and TVC productions. He nows runs his own production company, Thin Film, and travel Asia project after project. At 22, that's whats we call a genius kid.


Childhood friends Luu Anh Laporte and Thomas Planchais have been cinema lovers for as long as they can remember. They have collaborated on numerous projects together, including music videos, corporate video, and motion design.

Luu Anh takes charge of the visual direction and story, while Thomas ties the project together by taking care of post-production.

Aside from his work with Luu Anh, Thomas runs a company that specializes in creating videos for the deaf community.


Born in Flint, Michigan. Raised in Shanghai, China. Lives in Brooklyn, New York. Shoots around the world. Catches waking dreams.


The Neon Black Channel is a product of a few friends, a common interest and a DSLR camera. In 2012 Barham Amen (Founder), Gabriel Molina (Co-Founder), and Allen Lv (Co-Founder) took a Canon 5D and went in search of the best musical acts in Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China. After successfully filming most of the big names DJs and bands coming through Shanghai in 2012 they were sought after to do projects with big name brands and 4A Agencies. In its short existence the Neon Black Channel has had the pleasure of working along side talented professionals and working on a large variety of video media projects. In 2014 the channel will go through a complete make over with the re-launch of the company scheduled for Winter 2014, expect the unexpected, and keep your eyes peeled and tune in for what's to come next.


Hicham is a videographer. When he do video and photography, he put his idea and all sort of thing on his Lab. He also a huge video game fan, That's why I decided to make all thing possible to work on this industry , and he's also Director and DOP for all Nintendo France advertising.


is a creative agency with a focus in Interior Architecture and more. Davy Malinur and Freddy Belrose are the two co-founders, creating the label's particular mixture from Paris to Shanghai.